Apr 3, 2017

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Arborist Day 2015


Gate City Tree knows the importance of donating their time and efforts to planting new trees every year.

Arbor Day 2016


The Nashua Historical Society has been most fortunate to have some of the most beautiful trees on their grounds. The newest addition is a Washington Hawthorne tree donated by Gate City Tree and Sayco Tree. During our Arbor Day celebration in April 2016, we dedicated this tree in loving memory of Jeannie Sayce, wife of Ted Sayce, who was a true tree lover.

Storm Damage


Trees are subjected to constant environmental stress but have the ability to manage most adverse effects on their structure. Sometimes, it is necessary to use aggressive management to ensure that the tree is both safe and healthy.

Keeping trees healthy with timely watering and proper fertilization is your best defense against storm damage. Healthy, vigorous trees adjust more quickly to changes in the environment, are more wind firm and react more effectively to damage. Always treat pest problems and remove dead wood.After a damaging storm with a tree blown down, you need to use extreme caution. Survey the tree from a distance and always make sure you stay away from any electrical wires. If you are not an experienced chainsaw operator let a tree service remove the tree. Many tree owners are killed or injured hours and days after a storm.

When Should I Prune My Fruit Trees?


Generally, prune apple trees between February and April before the start of growth; prune peach trees between March and late April before the blossoms show color. If the extended weather forecast calls for temperatures below 0°F, stop pruning three to four days before the cold spell and wait two to three days after the temperature rises above 10°F to resume pruning.

Spring Flooding Causing Damage to Your Trees?


Are your trees drowning? A wetter-than-normal spring can leave trees sitting in soil saturated with water. Too much water at the base of a tree can cause myriad problems. Too much water can be as bad for trees as too little water. While some trees are suited to survive occasional floods, most are not. In addition, as a tree becomes older, its ability to adapt to abrupt environmental changes decreases. When Spring water levels recede, consumers may begin to notice problems with their trees.

Symptoms of flood injury, in the order that they develop on the foliage, are:

  • Slight wilting or drooping of the foliage;
  • Yellowing and browning (necrosis) of leaf edges;
  • Browning in the center of the leaf.

The best prevention for this problem is to avoid planting flood-intolerant trees in areas that are frequently flooded. There are a variety of wetland trees and shrubs that can be planted instead. There are not many practical short-term solutions other than improving drainage. Whenever changes in drainage are made, the impact to all the affected landscape and landscape plants needs to be considered.

Spring time Stump Grinding


Spring is right around the corner. Does your yard have unsightly stumps? Maybe you want to expand your yard or make room for a garden. If this is the year you want to get rid of those unsightly stumps Gate City Tree Service provides easy, affordable stump grinding in any area on your property. Assess your property and call Gate City Tree Service for a free estimate on stump grinding.

Some of the factors considered in the pricing of your stump grinding are:
Stump Diameter – Larger diameters equal higher prices.
Age of Stump – Older stumps are usually rotted and easier to grind down.
Soil Condition – Rocky soil may damage equipment, so you may be charged more.
Type of Tree Stump – Certain types of tree stumps are tougher to grind than others.
Root System – Stumps with minimal root stumps are cheaper to remove than stumps with extensive root systems.
Cleanup – If you want the ground-up stump to be removed as well, you will pay more.

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