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Tree Trimming Nashua, Hollis & Amherst New Hampshire

Tree Pruning Gate City Tree Service Nashua NHTree Trimming, Pruning & Disease Management – There are many reasons for pruning and trimming trees. We live and work amongst trees every day. It is important to manage the risks associated with daily interactions with trees. Managing tree growth can deter dangerous situations at home or at your place of work.

• Maintenance pruning/trimming is needed when trees are too close to houses, electrical or utility lines, hanging over parking lots, or have dead or diseased limbs. This type of pruning is done every 2 to 3 years.

• Structural pruning/trimming is done while the tree is young and will ensure a healthy, strong crown. Young tree pruning corrects co-dominant leaders, weak angels of branch attachment, and gives the tree a much better chance of surviving storm damage later on in life.

• Canopy thinning allows sunlight to penetrate the interior of the tree which will help to keep the tree alive. Thinning will also increase the airflow to the tree to prevent diseases.

• Pruning/Trimming trees for aesthetic purposes can drastically improve the beauty and value of your property.

If you have trees in need of pruning, trimming or thinning (no matter how large) or showing signs of disease, call Gate City Tree Service to keep your trees healthy and beautiful. We operate locally from three locations in the greater Nashua, Hollis & Amherst, New Hampshire communities and our staff includes a certified arborist and tree surgeon.